Wedding dress and 10 reasons to sew it

Wedding dress and 10 reasons to sew it to a seamstress.

All the questions and answers you would like to decide on when buying or sewing a wedding dress.

How much will it cost ?

Price is one of the most important reasons to think big.
The truth is that wedding dresses are overpriced in the market by houses (they are right, but it is another conversation).
On the other hand, buying online , especially from foreign countries, is always risky and often nightmarish.

In the seamstress, however, the agreement becomes face to face and you know exactly what you are becoming.

And finally how much does it cost?

From the internet you can find a wedding dress from 200 € without shipping and without any guarantee. 
I think we all agree on that.
From the houses the prices start from 700 € the simplest and there is no “ceiling”.
But there is a huge difference in the seamstress.

The sewing price of your wedding dress only has to do with how much work it has.
Do you want a wedding dress like the photo ??
Its seam can reach up to 1100 € !!!!
But how much would you buy it for ???
When it is a copy of… .. designer.
And it will be yours and definitely UNIQUE !!!

The design I imagine? Where will I find it ?

Another important thing is the design.

The wedding dress is personal and has to do only with the bride, who is also unique.

And she has to be herself in the wedding dress she wants alone.
I think that only a seamstress can do that.
(End of story).

What if I lose weight by marriage? What's up?

Until the last moment, a serious seamstress will do any processing you want.
Even if during this time the fruit of your love becomes a reality.

Will it be yours? And unique!

Of course the value of your Wedding Dress with your own taste I think is invaluable.

And what else?

An experienced seamstress will help you a lot with the design (if you are not sure) but also with additional details such as:
What veil?
Bridal cape;
How to “tie” it to dance ??
How will it become more economical ??
Umbrella… Decoration on a simple white umbrella ??

It may not be 10 sections but there are over 10 reasons to decide..

The negatives ?

Yes. To be fair. 
There are also negatives.
You may be looking for a house for 10 days and have seen many wedding dresses but in 15 days you will have made a decision.

You will give the seamstress time there as well.

Fabric selection, design closure, measures, rehearsals take time

Send me questions?

You can send me your questions with a comment below to make a real dialogue.

Thank you very much
Kaisimou Maria (wedding dress seamstress)

And my wedding dresses.

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Kaisimou Mary was born and raised in Peristeri, originally from Karditsa. After high school and her great love for clothes, she became a Graduate Modelist Stylist. Has experience since 2000 in patterns, sewing, mending wedding and evening wear. It is natural and next to open in 2008 the repair and construction shop in Peristeri. Now wedding dress and evening dress is what most customers want to make.

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