Tail – wedding dress skirt coming out

ACCESSORIES for Wedding Dresses

Tail - wedding dress skirt coming out

Liberte handmade wedding dresses by Mary Kaisimou .
Custom construction.
Glitter tulle extra skirt.
It is worn over your wedding dress like an extra skirt and urine.
Creating shine and impressive result at the time of the wedding ceremony.
Available for rehearsal.
Ουρά νυφικού που βγαίνει
Play Video about Ουρά νυφικού που βγαίνει

Do you have a wedding dress that has no tail?

Your wedding dress is a simple dress for a civil wedding;

Do you want an extra skirt with a tail?

If you want something similar this is the best solution with so many possibilities.

It is sewn by us

You will not find this design anywhere else. It is unique and ready to try.

It is already worked by us and we can prepare it for you to your own measures.

UPDATE 15-07-22

Bridal skirt glitter tail

Νυφική φούστα ουρά γκλίτερ

UPDATE 15-07-22
Another wedding skirt was made for our friend and we are very happy.
If it inspires you, we can build it for you too. 

About Author /

Kaisimou Mary was born and raised in Peristeri, originally from Karditsa. After high school and her great love for clothes, she became a Graduate Modelist Stylist. Has experience since 2000 in patterns, sewing, mending wedding and evening wear. It is natural and next to open in 2008 the repair and construction shop in Peristeri. Now wedding dress and evening dress is what most customers want to make.

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