A wedding dress that suits me

Wedding dresses

Wedding dress that fits me
and I sewed it in a dressmaker's shop

Wedding dress made to order!.
The bride wanted this exact wedding dress that started from a blouse she had and she really liked it.
The truth is that this design is also very beautiful.
So we decided on the bottom, the slit and the bow.
The result is a wedding dress that truly suits the bride.
The design of the wedding dress is simple in the front with an open back and has stunning ruffles from the shoulders to the back bow. With a tear in the skirt, of course.
Crepe satin fabric.
Skirt with pleats and ruffles on the shoulders and back.
The wedding dress that our doll dreamed of, we created to her measurements!
Thank you very much for your trust and cooperation!
Live healthily and happily!

It is sewn by us

You will not find this design anywhere else. It is unique and ready to try.

It is already worked by us and we can prepare it for you to your own measures.

You want it in your fabric

The designs and patterns of our wedding dresses are exclusively ours
and you will not find them anywhere else.

For this reason we can prepare your wedding dress in your own fabric.

Do you want another lace?

Do you want another color?

It is easy for us if you bring us the fabric.
It is simple. A message or a phone call for an appointment and we can start your wedding dress the way you imagine it.

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Kaisimou Mary was born and raised in Peristeri, originally from Karditsa. After high school and her great love for clothes, she became a Graduate Modelist Stylist. Has experience since 2000 in patterns, sewing, mending wedding and evening wear. It is natural and next to open in 2008 the repair and construction shop in Peristeri. Now wedding dress and evening dress is what most customers want to make.

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